Implications of fission, fusion and teletransportation to a view of personal identity through psychological continuity
Ord (Toby)
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Author’s Abstract

  1. Giving a robust account of personal identity has been a major metaphysical goal. There have been numerous accounts of exactly what constitutes personal identity, including theories of physical1 and psychological continuity2.
  2. In this essay, I shall focus on the view of identity as psychological continuity3 and on how the recent ideas of teletransportation4, fission5 and fusion6 affect such a view.
  3. I shall explore several new consequences of these ideas and show how the psychological continuity7 approach to identity can address these challenges in interesting – if initially unintuitive – ways.

  1. Classical accounts of personal identity
  2. Teletransportation8
  3. Fission and fusion
  4. Differences in space-time and psychological continuity9 views
  5. Probabilistic fission and fusion
  6. Conclusions


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