Theological Logic
Ritchie (Bruce)
Source: Cameron (Nigel M. de S.) - The Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, 4.2 (Autumn 1986)
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  1. I took a look at this as a consequence of query from a correspondent (an MA student at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia).
  2. I've had a look at the article, and have paused for breath somewhat before the end (just before “Trinitarian Theology”. It appears a bit of a jumble. The trouble with confessional journals (it seems to me) is that they are more interested in conclusions than arguments - with a greater interest in the wholesomeness of the teaching than the argument for it. But then my training is in analytic philosophy rather than theology.
  3. Presumably this chap is the author (Link (Defunct))? My own (now informal) research topic is in personal identity, with a special interest in the metaphysical problems of resurrection.
  4. The topic of the Trinity comes in as a bit of a side issue to the logic of identity1 (usually of philosophically heretical accounts of identity). I have a couple of papers on my waiting list – Not sure if they are any good, or central to the topic of “theological logic”.


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