Process Philosophy
Seibt (Johanna)
Source: Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, 2013-17
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  1. While process philosophers insist that all within and about reality is continuously going on and coming about, they do not deny that there are temporally stable and reliably recurrent aspects of reality. But they take such aspects of persistence to be the regular behavior of dynamic organizations that arise due to the continuously ongoing interaction of processes.
  2. In order to articulate a process view of reality, a special theoretical effort is required, however, since the standard theoretical tools of Western metaphysics are geared to the static view of reality. Especially the standard interpretation of predicate logic in terms of static individuals with properties that are exemplified timelessly or at a temporal instant consolidates what is from the process-philosophical perspective an unhelpful theoretical bias.
  3. This has forced upon process philosophy a double role as metaphysical and metaphilosophical enterprise, taking up the double task of developing new explanatory concepts and providing arguments for why these concepts better serve the aims of philosophy.


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