Dialogue With Trypho, A Jew
Justin Martyr
Source: Roberts (A.) & Donaldson (J.), Eds. - The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Volume 1 – The Apostolic Fathers with Justin Martyr and Irenaeus
Paper - Abstract

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  1. Introduction
  2. Justin Describes His Studies In Philosophy.
  3. Justin Narrates The Manner Of His Conversion.
  4. The Soul Of Itself Cannot See God.
  5. The Soul Is Not In Its Own Nature Immortal.
  6. These Things Were Unknown To Plato And Other Philosophers.
  7. The Knowledge Of Truth To Be Sought From The Prophets Alone.
  8. Justin By His Colloquy Is Kindled With Love To Christ.
  9. The Christians Have Not Believed Groundless Stories.
  10. Trypho Blames The Christians For This Alone – The Non-Observance Of The Law.
  11. The Law Abrogated; The New Testament Promised And Given By God.
  12. The Jews Violate The Eternal Law, and Interpret ill That Of Moses.
  13. Isaiah Teaches That Sins Are Forgiven Through Christ's Blood.
  14. Righteousness Is Not Placed In Jewish Rites, But In The Conversion Of The Heart Given In Baptism By Christ.
  15. In What The True Fasting Consists.
  16. Circumcision Given As A Sign, That The Jews Might Be Driven Away For Their Evil Deeds Done To Christ And The Christians.
  17. The Jews Sent Persons Through The Whole Earth To Spread Calumnies On Christians.
  18. Christians Would Observe The Law, If They Did Not Know Why It Was Instituted.
  19. Circumcision Unknown Before Abraham. The Law Was Given By Moses On Account Of The Hardness Of Their Hearts.
  20. Why Choice Of Meats Was Prescribed.
  21. Sabbaths Were Instituted On Account Of The People's Sins, And Not For A Work Of Righteousness.
  22. So Also Were Sacrifices And Oblations.
  23. The Opinion Of The Jews Regarding The Law Does An Injury To God.
  24. The Christians' Circumcision Far More Excellent.
  25. The Jews Boast In Vain That They Are Sons Of Abraham.
  26. No Salvation To The Jews Except Through Christ.
  27. Why God Taught The Same Things By The Prophets As By Moses.
  28. True Righteousness Is Obtained By Christ.
  29. Christ Is Useless To Those Who Observe The Law.
  30. Christians Possess The True Righteousness.
  31. If Christ's Power Be Now So Great, How Much Greater At The Second Advent!
  32. Trypho Objecting That Christ Is Described As Glorious By Daniel, Justin Distinguishes Two Advents.
  33. Ps. CX Is Not Spoken Of Hezekiah. He Proves That Christ Was First Humble, Then Shall Be Glorious.
  34. Nor Does Ps. LXXII. Apply To Solomon, Whose Faults Christians Shudder At.
  35. Heretics Confirm The Catholics In The Faith.
  36. He Proves That Christ Is Called Lord Of Hosts.
  37. The Same Is Proved From Other Psalms.
  38. It Is An Annoyance To The Jew That Christ Is Said To Be Adored. Justin Confirms It, However, From Ps. XLV.
  39. The Jews Hate The Christians Who Believe This. How Great The Distinction Is Between Both!
  40. He Returns To The Mosaic Laws, And Proves That They Were Figures Of The Things Which Pertain To Christ.
  41. The Oblation Of Fine Flour Was A Figure Of The Eucharist.
  42. The Bells On The Priest's Robe Were A Figure Of The Apostles.
  43. He Concludes That The Law Had An End In Christ, Who Was Born Of The Virgin.
  44. The Jews In Vain Promise Themselves Salvation, Which Cannot Be Obtained Except Through Christ.
  45. Those Who Were Righteous Before And Under The Law Shall Be Saved By Christ.
  46. Trypho Asks Whether A Man Who Keeps The Law Even Now Will Be Saved. Justin Proves That It Contributes Nothing To Righteousness.
  47. Justin Communicates With Christians Who Observe The Law. Not A Few Catholics Do Otherwise.
  48. Before The Divinity Of Christ Is Proved, He [Trypho] Demands That It Be Settled That He Is Christ.
  49. To Those Who Object That Elijah Has Not Yet Come, He Replies That He Is The Precursor Of The First Advent.
  50. It Is Proved From Isaiah That John Is The Precursor Of Christ.
  51. It Is Proved That This Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled.
  52. Jacob Predicted Two Advents Of Christ.
  53. Jacob Predicted That Christ Would Ride On An Ass, And Zechariah Confirms It.
  54. What The Blood Of The Grape Signifies.
  55. Trypho Asks That Christ Be Proved God, But Without Metaphor. Justin Promises To Do So.
  56. God Who Appeared To Moses Is Distinguished From God The Father.
  57. The Jew Objects, Why Is He Said To Have Eaten, If He Be God? Answer Of Justin.
  58. The Same Is Proved From The Visions Which Appeared To Jacob.
  59. God Distinct From The Father Conversed With Moses.
  60. Opinions Of The Jews With Regard To Him Who Appeared In The Bush.
  61. Wisdom Is Begotten Of The Father, As Fire From Fire.
  62. The Words "Let Us Make Man" Agree With The Testimony Of Proverbs.
  63. It Is Proved That This God Was Incarnate.
  64. Justin Adduces Other Proofs To The Jew, Who Denies That He Needs This Christ.
  65. The Jew Objects That God Does Not Give His Glory To Another. Justin Explains The Passage.
  66. He Proves From Isaiah That God Was Born From A Virgin.
  67. Trypho Compares Jesus With Perseus; And Would Prefer [To Say] That He Was Elected [To Be Christ] On Account Of Observance Of The Law. Justin Speaks Of The Law As Formerly.
  68. He Complains Of The Obstinacy Of Trypho; He Answers His Objection; He Convicts The Jews Of Bad Faith.
  69. The Devil, Since He Emulates The Truth, Has Invented Fables About Bacchus, Hercules, And Sculapius.
  70. So Also The Mysteries Of Mithras Are Distorted From The Prophecies Of Daniel And Isaiah.
  71. The Jews Reject The Interpretation Of The LXX, From Which, Moreover, They Have Taken Away Some Passages.
  72. Passages Have Been Removed By The Jews From Esdras And Jeremiah.
  73. [The Words] "From The Wood" Have Been Cut Out Of Ps. XCVI
  74. The Beginning of Ps. XCVI. Is Attributed To The Father [By Trypho]. But [It Refers] To Christ By These Words: "Tell Ye Among The Nations That The Lord," Etc.
  75. It Is Proved That Jesus Was The Name Of God In The Book Of Exodus.
  76. From Other Passages The Same Majesty And Government Of Christ Are Proved.
  77. He Returns To Explain The Prophecy Of Isaiah.
  78. He Proves That This Prophecy Harmonizes With Christ Alone, From What Is Afterwards Written.
  79. He Proves Against Trypho That The Wicked Angels Have Revolted From God.
  80. The Opinion Of Justin With Regard To The Reign Of A Thousand Years. Several Catholics Reject It.
  81. He Endeavours To Prove This Opinion From Isaiah And The Apocalypse.
  82. The Prophetical Gifts Of The Jews Were Transferred To The Christians.
  83. It Is Proved That The Psalm, "The Lord Said To My Lord," Etc., Does Not Suit Hezekiah.
  84. That Prophecy, "Behold, A Virgin," Etc., Suits Christ Alone.
  85. He Proves That Christ Is The Lord Of Hosts From Ps. XXIV, And From His Authority Over Demons.
  86. There Are Various Figures In The Old Testament Of The Wood Of The Cross By Which Christ Reigned.
  87. Trypho Maintains In Objection These Words: "And Shall Rest On Him," Etc. They Are Explained By Justin.
  88. Christ Has Not Received The Holy Spirit On Account Of Poverty.
  89. The Cross Alone Is Offensive To Trypho On Account Of The Curse, Yet It Proves That Jesus Is Christ.
  90. The Stretched-Out Hands Of Moses Signified Beforehand The Cross.
  91. The Cross Was Foretold In The Blessings Of Joseph, And In The Serpent That Was Lifted Up.
  92. Unless The Scriptures Be Understood Through God's Great Grace, God Will Not Appear To Have Taught Always The Same Righteousness.
  93. The Same Kind Of Righteousness Is Bestowed On All. Christ Comprehends It In Two Precepts.
  94. In What Sense He Who Hangs On A Tree Is Cursed.
  95. Christ Took Upon Himself The Curse Due To Us.
  96. That Curse Was A Prediction Of The Things Which The Jews Would Do.
  97. Other Predictions Of The Cross Of Christ.
  98. Predictions Of Christ In Ps. XXII.
  99. In The Commencement Of The Psalm Are Christ's Dying Words.
  100. In What Sense Christ Is [Called] Jacob, And Israel, And Son Of Man.
  101. Christ Refers All Things To The Father
  102. The Prediction Of The Events Which Happened To Christ When He Was Born. Why God Permitted It.
  103. The Pharisees Are The Bulls: The Roaring Lion Is Herod Or The Devil.
  104. Circumstances Of Christ's Death Are Predicted In This Psalm.
  105. The Psalm Also Predicts The Crucifixion And The Subject Of The Last Prayers Of Christ On Earth.
  106. Christ's Resurrection Is Foretold In The Conclusion Of The Psalm.
  107. The Same Is Taught From The History Of Jonah.
  108. The Resurrection Of Christ Did Not Convert The Jews. But Through The Whole World They Have Sent Men To Accuse Christ.
  109. The Conversion Of The Gentiles Has Been Predicted By Micah.
  110. A Portion Of The Prophecy Already Fulfilled In The Christians: The Rest Shall Be Fulfilled At The Second Advent.
  111. The Two Advents Were Signified By The Two Goats. Other Figures Of The First Advent, In Which The Gentiles Are Freed By The Blood Of Christ.
  112. The Jews Expound These Signs Jejunely And Feebly, And Take Up Their Attention Only With Insignificant Matters.
  113. Joshua Was A Figure Of Christ.
  114. Some Rules For Discerning What Is Said About Christ. The Circumcision Of The Jews Is Very Different From That Which Christians Receive.
  115. Prediction About The Christians In Zechariah. The Malignant Way Which the Jews Have In Disputations.
  116. It Is Shown How This Prophecy Suits the Christians.
  117. Malachi's Prophecy Concerning The Sacrifices Of The Christians. It Cannot Be Taken As Referring To The Prayers Of Jews Of The Dispersion.
  118. He Exhorts To Repentance Before Christ Comes; In Whom Christians, Since They Believe, Are Far More Religious Than Jews.
  119. Christians Are The Holy People Promised To Abraham. They Have Been Called Like Abraham.
  120. Christians Were Promised To Isaac, Jacob, And Judah.
  121. From The Fact That The Gentiles Believe in Jesus, It Is Evident That He Is Christ.
  122. The Jews Understand This Of The Proselytes Without Reason.
  123. Ridiculous Interpretations Of The Jews. Christians Are The True Israel.
  124. Christians Are The Sons Of God.
  125. He Explains What Force The Word Israel Has, And How It Suits Christ.
  126. The Various Names Of Christ According To Both Natures. It Is Shown That He Is God, And Appeared To The Patriarchs.
  127. These Passages Of Scripture Do Not Apply To The Father, But To The Word.
  128. The Word Is Sent Not As An Inanimate Power, But As A Person Begotten Of The Father's Substance.
  129. That Is Confirmed From Other Passages Of Scripture.
  130. He Returns To The Conversion Of The Gentiles, And Shows That It Was Foretold.
  131. How Much More Faithful To God The Gentiles Are Who Are Converted To Christ Than The Jews.
  132. How Great The Power Was Of The Name Of Jesus In The Old Testament.
  133. The Hard-Heartedness Of The Jews, For Whom The Christians Pray.
  134. The Marriages Of Jacob Are A Figure Of The Church.
  135. Christ Is King Of Israel, And Christians Are The Israelitic Race.
  136. The Jews, In Rejecting Christ, Rejected God Who Sent Him.
  137. He Exhorts The Jews To Be Converted.
  138. Noah Is A Figure Of Christ, Who Has Regenerated Us By Water, And Faith, And Wood: [i.e., The Cross.]
  139. The Blessings, And Also The Curse, Pronounced By Noah Were Prophecies Of The Future.
  140. In Christ All Are Free. The Jews Hope For Salvation In Vain Because They Are Sons Of Abraham.
  141. Free-Will In Men And Angels.
  142. The Jews Return Thanks, And Leave Justin.


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