On the Process of Coming into Existence
Galton (Antony)
Source: The Monist, Vol. 89, No. 3, Coming into Being and Passing Away (July 2006), pp. 294-312
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Author’s Final Paragraph

  1. The problem of when an object can first be said to exist is separate from that of explaining what it means to say that it is in the process of coming into existence.
  2. The latter must be explained in the same way as other telic imperfectives, in terms of sets of possible outcomes that are in accordance with some current operative principle, be it intention, program, or local causation1.
  3. It is thus perfectly possible to say that something which does not yet exist is in the process of coming into existence; and it is equally possible to say that something which does already exist is still undergoing the process by which it comes into existence, so long as we are prepared to encompass the notion of an object's existing in a "less than fully-fledged" state.
  4. Whether or not we do so in any particular case will depend on specific decisions relating to the type of object involved; it cannot be settled in full generality.


Hard copy in "Various - Papers on Identity Boxes: Vol 06 (F-G)".

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