After Death
Strauss (Jonathan)
Source: Diacritics, Vol. 30, No. 3, Post-Mortem: The State of Death as a Modern Construct (Autumn, 2000) (pp. 90-94+96-104)
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Author’s Conclusion

  1. Death is a fiction that passes for a reality and pretends to ground an aloneness that in fact comes to us from somewhere else. That somewhere else is others. But these others are not just the They of Heidegger's Being-toward-death; they are the others that reveal death to us in the first place through their very difference from us. We can choose the absoluteness of death or not, but we cannot refuse the otherness of others, except by killing them, either physically or ethically.
  2. And so, I would argue, the whole great trajectory of a selfhood based on mortality is a misconstruction, an ideological subterfuge that distracts us from our relations to living people. It is to those others, to their creations and fictions, that one should turn to reach some understanding of individual human experience, to know oneself.


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