Philosophy at 3:AM: Introduction
Marshall (Richard)
Source: Marshall (Richard) - Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers
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    The interviews are stand-alone discussions and can be read in any order. Each is accompanied by a brief biographical note and bibliography of the books written. I believe that they offer a chance for readers to deepen their understanding of distinctive and various contemporary philosophical currents. I think they are a legitimate contribution to attempts to make the contemporary philosophical scene more accessible.

  1. Some of the articles in the book are on-line via the Index at 3am: Archive.
  2. Others can be found by using the formula from the article title.
  3. The others were found by using subtle1 variants of the formula from the article title.
  4. Other philosophers2, not in the book, include:-

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Footnote 1: Including “casual” rather than “causal” in the Churchland interview!

Footnote 2: No doubt there are other philosophers I don’t recognize, and yet more that I might, but which aren’t indexed.

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