Non-paradoxical multi-location
Beebee (Helen) & Rush (Michael)
Source: Analysis, Vol. 63, No. 4 (Oct., 2003), pp. 311-317
Paper - Abstract

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Authors’ Introduction

  1. Stephen Barker and Phil Dowe ("Barker (Stephen) & Dowe (Phil) - Paradoxes of multi-location", 2003) claim that three paradoxes can be generated by the claim that there are multiply located entities - for example, enduring particulars, enduring tropes, and immanent universals1 - with the second and third paradox each involving weaker assumptions than their predecessors.
  2. We argue that neither of the first two alleged paradoxes are really paradoxes, at least with respect to the view that there are enduring particulars.
  3. It is an interesting question whether our responses can be made to work for the other cases of multiple location, but not one that we shall attempt to answer.
  4. In addition we leave to the reader the solution to the third paradox, since it turns on the same claim about temporary parts as does the solution to the second.

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