Getting the Right Travel Papers: A Postscript to 'The Spiritual Dimension'
Cottingham (John)
Source: Philosophy Vol. 83, No. 326, Oct., 2008 (pp. 557-567)
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This reply offers a detailed refutation of some of the objections raised in Christopher Coope's extended discussion1 of "Cottingham (John) - The Spiritual Dimension: Religion, Philosophy and Human Value".
  2. It explains the 'non-partisan' strategy of the book, which Coope systematically misunderstands, and exposes some serious problems with Coope's own preference for a harshly exclusivist form of Christianity.
  3. Several issues connected with religious belief are then discussed, including
    • emotional involvement versus detachment in the assessment of religious claims;
    • layers of meaning in religious language;
    • human autonomy and divine authority;
    • the problem of evil;
    • apophatic theology and transcendence;
    • divine action in the world; and
    • the doctrine of the afterlife2.


Response to "Coope (Christopher) - Dodgy Passport, Fruitless Journey".

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 1: In "Coope (Christopher) - Dodgy Passport, Fruitless Journey".

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