Notes on Adams 'Primitive Thisness and Primitive Identity'
Savitt (Steven)
Source: Personal Page, University of Columbia Website
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

    Let us begin at the end, where Adams states simply the view that, he says, he has defended in his paper: “Thisnesses1 and transworld identities are primitive but logically connected with suchnesses.” (25-26) This view he calls moderate haecceitism. Now let’s see how he gets there.

  1. Thisness2 and Suchness
  2. The Leibnizian Position
  3. Dispersal Arguments against the Identity of Indiscernibles3
  4. Arguments from the Possibility of Almost Indiscernible Twins4
  5. Primitive Transworld Identity
  6. Thisness5 and Necessity


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