What Is Metaphysics?
Funkhouser (Eric)
Source: Funkhouser (Eric) - Metaphysics, Spring 2014
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  1. What is the subject2 matter of metaphysics?
  2. What is the methodology3 for doing metaphysics?
    • Conceptual Analysis4 and Conceptual Connections5; are useful because they:-
      1. Foster better understanding and communication.
      2. Provide a recipe for classifying objects or events.
      3. Change our perceptions and / or thoughts.
      4. Alter our practices.
      5. Inform our standards of evaluation for the appropriate kind.
      6. Reveal why the concept is thought to be important, valuable, etc.
      7. Are needed for official, practical, and oftentimes bureaucratic purposes.
    • Thought Experiments6 and Intuitions7
    • Arguments8
  3. Skepticism and disdain9 for metaphysics


For the full text, see Funkhouser - What is Metaphysics (Fair Use).

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Footnote 1: Extracted by TT, with Notes.

Footnote 2: Footnote 3: Footnote 4: Footnote 5: Footnote 6: Footnote 7: Not discussed, though “intuition pumps” were mentioned earlier (though not referred to Dennett).

Footnote 8: In evaluating an argument, either the logic may be wrong (an invalid argument), or one of the premises may be false (an unsound one).

Footnote 9:

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