Strange Kinds, Familiar Kinds, and the Charge of Arbitrariness
Korman (Daniel Z.)
Source: University of Illinois website
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Author’s Prelude

  1. A snowdiscall is something made of snow that has any shape between being round and being disc-shaped and which has the following strange persistence conditions1: it can survive taking on all and only shapes in that range. So a round snowdiscall can survive being flattened into a disc but cannot survive being packed into the shape of a brick.
  2. Ernest Sosa observes that one can avoid commitment to snowdiscalls, and a plenitude of other strange kinds, by embracing either some form of eliminativism on which there are neither snowballs nor snowdiscalls or else some form of relativism on which material objects do not exist simpliciter but only relative to some conceptual scheme or other.
  3. Curiously, the natural view that there are no snowdiscalls, that there are snowballs, and that snowballs exist simpliciter is not among the options that Sosa considers.


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