Précis of 'Logical Properties: Identity, Existence, Prediction, Necessity, Truth'
McGinn (Colin)
Source: Philosophical Studies, Vol. 118, No. 3 (Apr., 2004), pp. 407-411
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Author’s Introduction

  1. Logical Properties is a short intense book about large abstract questions. It deals with highly general concepts - identity, existence, predication, necessity, and truth - from a linguistic, logical and ontological point of view.
  2. I wrote it with a kind of aesthetic aim: to squeeze as much into a short space as possible while retaining clarity. I wanted the impact on the reader to be one of pure unadulterated abstract thought - an intellectual proximity to the bloodless world of abstracta. The immersion would be relatively brief, but it would be complete.
  3. I therefore composed the book with little reference to other writers, though footnotes do relate what I am saying to relevant literature. I also intended the book to be thought-provoking rather than safe, exposed rather than protected.
  4. Partly I had my eye on student readers, who need to see the wood for the trees, and partly I wanted to re-invigorate a subject that has (in my view) grown rather stale and mechanical (whether I succeeded is another question). The style of the book is therefore intentionally blunt and bold, and tries to mirror the intoxicating aridities of its subject-matter.


Precis of "McGinn (Colin) - Logical Properties".

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