What Is Life?
Pross (Addy)
Source: Pross (Addy) - What is Life?: How Chemistry Becomes Biology, Chapter 8
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  1. I had intended to write detailed notes on each chapter – which is why I broke them out in my database. However, I don’t think it’s worth it. As the Amazon reviewer suggests, the book is rather disappointing.
  2. The author’s main point – that biological stability (DKS – Dynamic Kinetic Stability) is almost the opposite of normal chemical stability (which is inertness) – is important, given that the elementary “biological” systems he treats of are chemical.
  3. He correctly points out that evolutionary1 factors come into play with DKS – the molecule that replicates most quickly will be selected for.
  4. However, I couldn’t see how this helped to generate complexity, as in his example it was the simpler molecules that replicated fastest.
  5. But that said – I need to read the book again with more attention, once I get stuck into the topic Life2.

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