The Implausibility of Astral Bodies and Astral Worlds
Blackmore (Susan)
Source: Martin & Augustine - The Myth of an Afterlife, Part 2, Chapter 17
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    Astral body views posit that an exotic double with a definite location in space — an astral or ethereal body — leaves the normal biological body during out-of-body experiences2 or after death. In this paper the severe difficulties confronting such a view are reviewed, difficulties concerning not only the nature of the double which travels, but the nature of the world in which it travels. Three exhaustive possibilities are considered: that a physical double travels in the physical world; that a nonphysical double travels in the physical world; and that a nonphysical double travels in a nonphysical (but objective) world. Careful analysis shows that none of these possibilities can adequately resolve the problems that they generate.

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