Near-Death Experiences are Hallucinations
Augustine (Keith)
Source: Martin & Augustine - The Myth of an Afterlife, Part 4, Chapter 25
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Editors’ Abstract1

    Reports of near-death experiences2 (NDEs) with suggestive or manifestly hallucinatory features strongly imply that NDEs are not glimpses of an afterlife3, but rather internally generated fantasies. Such features include discrepancies between what is seen in the seemingly physical environment of “out-of-body”4 NDEs and what is actually happening in the physical world at the time, bodily sensations felt after near-death experiencers5 (NDErs) have ostensibly departed the physical world altogether and entered a transcendental realm, encounters with living persons and fictional characters while NDErs are ostensibly in a transcendental realm, hallucinatory imagery in NDEs, medical influences on the experience itself, the ubiquitous influence of culture and personal expectation on the content (not merely the description) of NDEs, and the failure of “prophetic” NDEs to accurately forecast future events, among other things.

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