Is There Adequate Empirical Evidence for Reincarnation? An Analysis of Ian Stevenson’s Work
Angel (Leonard)
Source: Martin & Augustine - The Myth of an Afterlife, Part 4, Chapter 27
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Editors’ Abstract1

    This article reviews the research of “top rebirth scientist” Ian Stevenson on spontaneous past-life memory cases, focusing on three key problems with Stevenson’s work.
    1. First, his research of entirely anecdotal case reports contains a number of errors and omissions.
    2. Second, like other reincarnation2 researchers, Stevenson has done no controlled experimental work on such cases; yet only such research could ever resolve whether the correspondences found between a child’s statements and a deceased person’s life exceed what we might find by chance.
    3. Finally, the best reincarnation3 research should at least meet the standards met by typical empirical research, but Stevenson’s methodology does not even meet the standards expected of third- or fourth-year college students.

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