Life's Meaning
Luper (Steven)
Source: Luper - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death, 2014, Chapter 12
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Editor’s Introduction1

  1. Chapter 12 discusses life's meaning. Here Steven Luper suggests that a person's life has meaning if, and only if, she achieves the aims that she devotes her life to freely and competently. These achievements are themselves the meaning of her life.
  2. He discusses how life's meaning is related to its purpose and to a person's identity and welfare. Luper suggests that, like happiness, meaning is an element of welfare; one's life can have meaning even if one is quite unhappy, and one could be happy even though one's life lacks meaning.
  3. He criticizes reasoning that suggests that life is absurd and emphasizes that, with respect to meaning, immortals are no better off than mortals: long or short, one's life can have meaning in the fullest sense.


Book Chapter, but pdf downloaded from Cambridge Core. Filed in zip with full book.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Luper (Steven) - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death: Introduction".

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