Enhancing Humananity
Agar (Nicholas)
Source: Luper - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death, 2014, Chapter 13
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Editor’s Introduction1

  1. The first chapter in the third part of the book, Chapter 13, discusses the ethics of enhancing life, especially when this means replacing human beings with creatures that are thought to be superior to us.
  2. Nicholas Agar equates the enhancement of a human capability with its improvement.
    1. One scenario he discusses involves the enhancement of some people to such an extent that they are able to dominate others who opt not to enhance themselves.
    2. Another is the possibility that people could be so altered that they become more morally sophisticated, morally better.
    3. Yet another scenario involves replacing bits of the brain with electronic chips, allowing human beings to take advantage of the speedy pace of technological improvement.


Book Chapter, but pdf downloaded from Cambridge Core. Filed in zip with full book.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Luper (Steven) - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death: Introduction".

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