The Philosophy of Transhumanism
More (Max)
Source: More & Vita-More - The Transhumanist Reader, Part I - Chapter 1
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Editors’ Abstract1

  1. Philosopher Max More sets forth the core values, goals, and principles shared by transhumanists2 and outlines commonly shared epistemological and metaphysical views, while noting the various distinct schools of transhumanist3 thought.
  2. More provides a briefing on the historical roots of the philosophy from the ancients through to the twentieth-century precursors, explains transhumanism4's relationship to humanism and to other concepts including extropy and the technological singularity, and then outlines contemporary variations.
  3. He concludes by identifying several misconceptions about transhumanism5.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "More (Max) & Vita-More (Natasha) - Transhumanism: Roots and Core Themes - Introduction".

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