Aesthetics: Bringing the Arts & Design into the Discussion of Transhumanism
Vita-More (Natasha)
Source: More & Vita-More - The Transhumanist Reader, Part I - Chapter 2
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  1. Although the philosophical, scientific, technological, and even political aspects of transhumanism2 have received much attention over the past decades, the aesthetic aspects have often been treated as secondary, especially to technology.
  2. Natasha Vita-More fills that gap. Vita-More explores the artistic, design-based approaches to the classical human form stemming from the Renaissance and on to the cyborg3 and the transhuman and asks: "What might be concerns of artistic works and design-based practices that approach human enhancement and life extension?"

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Footnote 1: Taken from "More (Max) & Vita-More (Natasha) - Transhumanism: Roots and Core Themes - Introduction".

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