Uploading to Substrate-Independent Minds
Koene (Randal A.)
Source: More & Vita-More - The Transhumanist Reader, Part III - Chapter 14
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Editors’ Abstract1

  1. Randal Koene explores "Uploading2 to Substrate-Independent Minds" and explains that the goal of substrate-independence is to continue personality, individual characteristics, a manner of experiencing and a personal way of processing those experiences.
  2. Of six technology paths through which we may gain substrate-independence for our minds, the most conservative and well-supported by research is Whole Brain Emulation (WBE).
  3. Koene notes that, back in 2000, WBE was considered science fiction, since it was beyond what was then considered feasible science and engineering. That is no longer true, as leading scientists and principal investigators tackle projects supporting WBE such as high-resolution connectomics.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "More (Max) & Vita-More (Natasha) - Transhumanism: Human Enhancement: The Cognitive Sphere - Introduction".

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