Why Freud Was the First Good AI Theorist
Minsky (Marvin)
Source: More & Vita-More - The Transhumanist Reader, Part IV - Chapter 16
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  1. The "father of AI" and long-time transhumanist2 Marvin Minsky has written numerous essays and books on artificial intelligence3, consciousness, and other topics of great relevance to the achievement of transhumanist4 goals.
  2. Since one intent of this book is to convey a historical sense of the development of transhumanism5, we have chosen to publish not a formal essay but a typically opinionated talk by Minsky that conveys some of the flavor of transhumanist6 conference discussions in the mid-1990s. These conferences generated and developed ideas well outside the mainstream of the time - ideas that have increasingly become seriously discussed in todays mainstream.
  3. Here Minsky emphasizes differences in thinking between transhumanists7 and others; says why you want to live longer in order to be able to solve the hard problems; explains how Freud was one of the first to understand that the mind is not a unitary entity; the silliness of those who believe machines cannot be conscious; and why various approaches to machine intelligence are a bad idea.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "More (Max) & Vita-More (Natasha) - Transhumanism: Core Technologies - Introduction".

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