For Enhancing People
Bailey (Ronald)
Source: More & Vita-More - The Transhumanist Reader, Part VII - Chapter 32
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  1. Critics of transhumanist2 goals have sometimes claimed that the technologies that enable human physical and intellectual enhancement undermine virtue.
  2. Prolific author Ronald Bailey argues that enhancements will better enable people to flourish, that enhancements will not dissolve whatever existential crisis people feel, and that enhancements will enable people to become more virtuous.
  3. People should be free to refuse enhancements for themselves but should accord others the liberty to adopt them.
  4. While there will inevitably be resulting issues to deal with. Bailey argues that social concerns over an "enhancement divide" are largely illusory, and that we already have at hand the social "technology" that will enable the enhanced and the unenhanced to dwell together peacefully.

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Footnote 1: Taken from "More (Max) & Vita-More (Natasha) - Transhumanism: Biopolitics and Policy - Introduction".

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