Velleman (David)
Source: Think, 2012
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

  1. Some people hope to die in their sleep1. Not me. I don’t regret having been oblivious at my birth, but I don’t want to be napping at my death.
  2. My birth hasn’t figured much in my life, other than having begun it, whereas my death will have figured far more than just ending it. It’s been on my mind, one way or another, ever since I learned what death is. I’ve wondered about it, worried about it, once or twice wished for it, and in any case constantly sensed its presence in my future.

Author’s Conclusion
    … closing the circle of one’s life is necessary to seeing it as the particular life one has lived. And I want to know the particular life I’ve lived before I stop living it — which will entail fully living it up to the very end.


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