Dissociation Data
Carruthers (Peter)
Source: Carruthers (Peter) - The Opacity of Mind, Chapter 10
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Author’s Abstract1

  1. Chapters 9 ("Carruthers (Peter) - Metacognition and Control") & 10 discuss the main predictions of inner sense theories. One concerns our capacities to monitor and control our own mental processes (often called "metacognition"), and another concerns the likely incidence of metacognitive capacities in non-human primates.
  2. Yet another set of predictions made by inner sense theories concern expected patterns of dissociation. Chapter 10 considers a number of possibilities and concludes that none of them stands up under examination. On the contrary, the current evidence is consistent with the predictions of the ISA theory (as outlined in Section 2.32).

  1. Schizophrenia – 293
  2. Autism – 301
  3. Alexithymia – 309
  4. Images of the Brain – 311
  5. Conclusion – 324

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Footnote 1: Take from Section 4 of "Carruthers (Peter) - The Opacity of Mind: Introduction".

Footnote 2: Of the Introduction.

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