Philosophy of Time Travel Course Guide 2014/15
Richmond (Alasdair)
Source: Edinburgh University Website
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Course Plan1 & Reading List2

  1. Introducing the Debate – What is Time Travel3? The Lewisian Analysis.
  2. Developments of, and Objections to, the Lewisian Analysis.
    1. Introducing Relativity.
    2. Gödel and the Unreality of Time
  3. The Cheshire Cat Problem and Other Spatial Perplexities
  4. Causal Loops Revisited (Part One): ‘Jane’, Jocasta, Dee and Dum. Information Loops and Object Loops.
    1. Causal Loops Revisited (Part Two): Mellor and the Facts of Causation6
    2. Time Travel7 and Non-Turing Computation.
  5. Branching-Histories Time Travel8. The Autonomy Principle.
  6. The Nomological Contrivance Problem. Bananas-Skins and Tomato-Rolling.
    1. Travel in Multi-Dimensional Time.
    2. Testimony to Time-Travel.
    1. Free Will and Determinism
    2. Personal Identity


In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 1: Footnote 2: The “course book” is "Dainton (Barry) - Time and Space", pending Alasdair Richmond’s own in-progress book on time-travel.

Footnote 4: Maybe – a file downloads, but I can’t open it!

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