Report on Analysis 'Problem' no. 18
Harrison (Jonathan)
Source: Analysis, Vol. 40, No. 2 (Mar., 1980), pp. 65-69
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  1. This is the report on "Harrison (Jonathan) - Analysis Problem No. 18: 'Jocasta's Crime'".
  2. There were eleven entries, which Harrison enjoyed reading, found something interesting in all of them, though he thought most contained errors sufficiently serious to prevent their being published as they stood.
  3. Seven of them attracted Harrison’s comments, and there was an allusion to an eighth by name.
  4. Three were published in Analysis:
    1. The winner was "Levin (Margarita R.) - Swords' Points: [Analysis 'Problem' no. 18]", and the two runners-up were:-
    2. "Godfrey-Smith (William) - Travelling in Time", and
    3. "Denruyter (Celine) - Jocasta's Crime: A Science-Fiction Reply: [Analysis 'Problem' no. 18]".
  5. I will comment on Harrison’s comments in due course.

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