An Essay on Philosophy and the Four Philosophical Virtues
Shand (John)
Source: Shand (John) - Central Issues of Philosophy, Introduction
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Author’s Four Philosophical Virtues

  1. Think for yourself and allow your views to be guided by critically assessing the range of genuine arguments for and against them, and by learning from what others have said who have thought deeply about the issues.
  2. Be prepared to question views even when they seem obvious, are believed by many others, have been believed for a long time, or are beliefs that you hold dear or through habit.
  3. Keep a truly open mind by being willing to change your views according to the merits of the arguments and don't be driven into a comer in defending a position dogmatically even when you feel the argument is running against you.
  4. Acknowledge that an intelligent and honest person may hold views different or opposed to yours.

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