Philosophy and the Mind/Body Problem
Snowdon (Paul)
Source: O'Hear (Anthony), Ed. - Mind, Self and Person
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For a YouTube podcast – delivered at the Royal Institute of Philosophy, 25/10/2013 – see YouTube: Snowdon - Philosophy and the Mind/Body Problem.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 12: Footnote 13: Snowdon calls it a “conjecture”, which he wouldn’t be able to demonstrate however much time he had.

Footnote 25: As posited by the materialist!

Footnote 33: This is a very brief and misleading statement, especially as Snowdon – an animalist – knows that “bodies” are not the same things as “organisms”. But this doesn’t really matter here, and “body” is probably being used in the sense of “organism” in any case.

Footnote 34: Snowdon gesticulates in a way that’s intended not to assume that he and his body are identical, but it’s a hard act as he just points twice to the same thing.

Footnote 39: Footnote 41: Snowdon doesn’t mention computers.

Footnote 63: I seem to have invented this bullet, and I don’t think Snowdon actually said it, but he should have!

Footnote 72:

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