Mind, Self and Person: Introduction
O'Hear (Anthony), Ed.
Source: O'Hear (Anthony), Ed. - Mind, Self and Person
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  1. This volume contains papers based on the lectures given in the Royal Institute of Philosophy's London Lectures series for 2013-14. The topic the lecturers were asked to speak and write on, Mind, Self and Persons, has been in the forefront of philosophical enquiry throughout the history of the subject, and, as will be evident from this volume, is as lively and contested an area of investigation in 2014, as it was in the days of the ancient Greeks.
  2. The topic is not only lively: as the papers collected here amply demonstrate it covers a wide range of issues: consciousness itself, the mind and its relation to the body, the self, the nature of the human person, personal identity, the relation of the mind to morality, the existence of group minds and the implications of what we think about the mind for education. These and other topics are vigorously investigated by a distinguished group of leading figures in current philosophy of mind.
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  4. […] readers might be interested to know that podcasts of the lectures as originally delivered are available1 on the Royal Institute of Philosophy's website (Link).


This is also a YouTube video. See Link.

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Footnote 1: All are available, with the exception of that by Galen Strawson

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