Split Brains: No Headache for the Soul Theorist
Hershenov (David) & Taylor (Adam P.)
Source: Religious Studies: An International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion, 2014
Paper - Abstract

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Authors’ Abstract

  1. Split brains that result in two simultaneous streams of consciousness cut off from each other are wrongly held to be grounds for doubting the existence of the divinely created soul.
  2. The mistake is based on two related errors:
    1. first, a failure to appreciate the soul’s dependence upon neurological functioning.
    2. Secondly, a fallacious belief that if the soul is simple, i.e., without parts, then there must be a unity to its thought, all of its thoughts potentially accessible to reflection or even unreflective causal interactions.
  3. But a soul theorist can allow neurological events to keep some conscious thoughts unavailable to others.


For the full text, see Hershenov+Taylor - Split Brains: No Headache for the Soul Theorist.

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