Comments on Hubert L. Dreyfus 'Intelligence without representation'
Baker (Lynne Rudder)
Source: Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 1: 411-412, 2002
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  1. My main reaction to "Intelligence without representation" is to applaud. Dreyfus' s use of Merleau-Ponty is a refreshing new breeze in philosophy of psychology.
  2. About twenty or so years ago, philosophers struck an unfortunate course dictated by a pair of dubious assumptions:
    1. that ordinary psychological attributions were at risk unless vindicated by some science; and
    2. that the only possible scientific vindication required that intentional content be represented in the brain.
  3. Thus did representationalism become, in Jerry Fodor's memorable phrase, "the only game in town." As John Haugeland pointed out early on, skills (and moods) do not fit easily into the representationalist scheme.
  4. Happily, Dreyfus's paper goes a considerable way toward an alternative approach to mind.


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