I'll do the first human head transplant
Guardian Newspaper
Source: Guardian Newspaper (Tom Lamont), 03/10/15
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  1. Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero says he will change medical history as soon as 2017 – he even has a volunteer. Can it be done?
  2. Earlier this year, Canavero became famous around the world when he enlarged on plans, long cherished, to remove the heads of two people. One would be alive, with an ailing body (a paraplegic, say), the other newly dead or doomed (perhaps the braindead victim of an accident). After that, as Canavero explained in academic papers and speeches, he planned surgically to attach the first head to the second body, fusing the spinal cords so that the owner of the first head might enjoy the functional use of the second body. In medical terms, it would be a cephalosomatic anastomosis, the first of its kind. It might be best understood as a “body transplant1”, but the wider world has tended to settle on the more sensational phrase.

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