Geach on God's Alleged Ability to Do Evil
Harrison (Jonathan)
Source: Philosophy, Vol. 51, No. 196 (Apr., 1976), pp. 208-215
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  1. In his article 'Omnipotence' (Philosophy, Vol. 48, 1973, No. 182; "Geach (Peter) - Omnipotence") Professor Peter Geach considers four doctrines of omnipotence (p. 9), and rejects all of them.
  2. The first of the four doctrines, that God can do anything which can 'expressed in a string of words that makes sense', need not concern us here, for Geach's belief that God is unable to do evil does not figure in its rejection.
  3. In his rejection of the last three of these four doctrines, Geach's belief that God is unable to do evil plays a part.
  4. I wish to show that there is no reason for thinking that God is unable to do evil, and consequently that, to the extent that Geach rejects the last three doctrines on the ground that he is unable to do evil, his rejection is unfounded.
  5. It must not be concluded, of course, that I accept any of the four doctrines which Geach dismisses.

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