The Ship of Theseus, the Parthenon and Disassembled Objects
Smart (Brian)
Source: Analysis, Vol. 34, No. 1 (Oct., 1973), pp. 24-27
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Introduction

  1. Francis Dauer ('How not to Reidentify the Parthenon', Analysis 33.2, pp. 63-64) and Lawrence Davis ('Smart on Conditions of Identity', Analysis 33.3, PP. 109- 10) have both made constructive criticisms of my 'How to Reidentify the Ship of Theseus1' (Analysis 32.5, pp. 145-148).
  2. Dauer raises doubts about the generality and Davis raises doubts about the nature of the argument deployed there.

Author’s Conclusion
  1. In conclusion let me belatedly acknowledge my enormous debt to David Wiggins's Identity and Spatio-Temporal Continity, Parts I-II (Oxford 1967) and Roderick Chisholm's 'The Loose and Popular and the Strict and Philosophical Senses of Identity' (in Perception and Personal Identity ed. Norman Care and Robert Grimm, Cleveland 1969).
  2. My own contribution has simply been to clarify the role of the original parts condition of identity. The false beliefs-(i) that this condition applies to the Ship of Theseus2 case and (2) that it either outweighs or is outweighed by the continuity of form condition-have been responsible for generating a puzzle where no real puzzle or need for a decision exists.

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