Which lives matter most?
Wilkinson (Dominic) & Doolabh (Keyur)
Source: Aeon, 12 June, 2017
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  1. Finally, what does this mean for philosophy and practical ethics? The non-identity problem1 shouldn’t influence our choice of strategies for addressing Congenital Zika Syndrome. That is because of the complex and indeterminable mix of effects of our actions. That might be the case too for some other political decisions that we make, but it doesn’t mean that the non-identity problem isn’t important.
  2. As we contemplate some of the greatest ethical challenges that lie ahead in the 21st century – climate change, population policy, genetic engineering – the non-identity problem will continue to rear its head. What matters2 most ethically? How should we weigh harms and benefits to current and future people? What are our ethical obligations to people who might or might not exist? Those fundamental and formidable questions remain.
  3. What is your view on the non-identity problem? Take the quiz3: Link.


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