Introduction to 'Meaning in Life and Why It Matters' by Susan Wolf
Macedo (Stephen)
Source: Princeton University Press Website
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Author’s Introduction

  1. Susan Wolf’s topic in these essays—formerly lectures delivered at Princeton University in November 2007— is familiar and inescapable, and yet the topic has not received sustained philosophical attention.
  2. Her subject is not the question of the ultimate meaning of human life: whether humans are part of a larger narrative or higher purpose or plan of the sort associated with religious traditions.
  3. Nor does Wolf make it her project to fend off existential dread or the fear that, absent some larger narrative, human life must ultimately be meaningless, snuffed out by death and the eventual implosion of the universe.
  4. Nor, finally, do these lectures propound a particular recipe for constructing a meaningful life, though Wolf does help clarify what it means to do so and why it matters.


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