What the Aztecs can teach us about happiness and the good life
Purcell (Sebastian)
Source: Aeon, 11 November, 2016
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  1. There has been a flurry of articles on the Aztecs in Aeon over the last few years, together with a 4-part TV series, and I've not really had time to address them, other than read the texts, watch the series and do a little background research, but no write-ups to speak of.
  2. The thing that worries me is that they all seem to talk positively about the cultural and ethical standards of the Aztecs, and the wonders of their pyramids, while hardly mentioning that these structures were built to enable human sacrifice on an industrial scale (see Wikipedia: Human sacrifice in Aztec culture).
  3. Anyway, these items are:-
  4. I have a small book on the Aztecs: "Gruzinski (Serge) - The Aztecs: Rise and Fall of an Empire".


For the full text, see Aeon: Purcell - What the Aztecs can teach us about happiness and the good life.

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