Marcus and the New Theory of Reference: A Reply to Scott Soames
Smith (Quentin)
Source: Synthese, Vol. 104, No. 2 (Aug., 1995), pp. 217-244
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  1. This paper is a reply to some of Scott Soames' comments on my colloquium paper "Smith (Quentin) - Marcus, Kripke, and the Origin of The New Theory of Reference". Except for the indicated parts added in May, 1995, this paper was written on December 16th-25th, 1994 as my reply to Soames for the APA colloquium in Boston, December 28, 1994.
  2. In this paper, I argue that Soames' contention that Marcus is not one of the "primary founders of contemporary non-descriptivist theories of reference" is false. Soames presents numerous arguments for his thesis that Marcus did not originate ideas later elaborated upon by Kripke, but his arguments are unsound; they are based in part on a misunderstanding of Marcus' theory and in part on an inadequate grasp of some of the key notions of the New Theory of Reference, such as the notion of a posteriori necessities and the notion of reference-fixing descriptions.


Reply to "Soames (Scott) - Revisionism about Reference: A Reply to Smith".

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