The Truth About the Past and the Future
Markosian (Ned)
Source: Fabrice  Correia  and  Andrea  Iacona  (eds.),  Around  the  Tree:  Semantic  and   Metaphysical  Issues  Concerning  Branching  and  the  Open  Future  (Springer,  2012),  pp.  127-141
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  1. This paper is about The Truthmaker Problem for Presentism.
  2. I spell out a solution to the problem that involves appealing to indeterministic laws of nature and branching semantics for past – and future – tensed sentences.
  3. Then I discuss a potential glitch for this solution, and propose a way to get around that glitch.
  4. Finally, I consider some likely objections to the view offered here, as well as replies to those objections.


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