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Botros (Sophie)
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Not all of this extensive bibliography is relevant to my needs. I’ve decided to list those books and papers I’ve either got, or ought to have, though omitting some classics. No doubt I’ll miss some important works, particularly related to the “History” aspect of the book, but life’s too short for everything. Where I’ve not got the book or paper, but have hopes of acquiring it, I’ve cited the author; sometimes other papers I have by the author may act as substitute(s).

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Footnote 1: The actual book referenced is Sven Bernecker, The Metaphysics of Memory, Springer, 2008.

Footnote 3: Footnote 4: Footnote 5: Why not "Mellor (D.H.) - Real Time II"?

Footnote 6: I don’t have the book, but do have "Fine (Kit) - Critical Review of Parsons' Non-Existent Objects".

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