The Loneliness of Stages
Braddon-Mitchell (David) & Miller (Kristie)
Source: Analysis, Vol. 64, No. 3 (Jul., 2004), pp. 235-242
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Authors’ Introduction

  1. Harold Noonan has recently argued (2003) that one of Lewis1's (1983: 76-77) arguments for the view that objects persist by perduring is flawed. Lewis2's argument can be divided into two main sections, the first of which attempts to show that it is possible that there exists a world of temporal parts or stages, and the second, which attempts to show that our world is such a world. Noonan claims that there is a flaw in each of these two stages.
  2. We conclude, therefore, that neither Noonan nor Peter Van Inwagen have provided good reasons to think that it is not possible to create a patch work world of stages in the manner Lewis3 describes.

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