Theories of Theories: A View from Cognitive Science
Grandy (Richard)
Source: Earman (John), Ed. - Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations
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  1. What was once the "received view" of scientific theories, which emphasized the representation of scientific theories as a logically closed set of sentences (usually in a first-order language), has given way to a "semantic" or "structuralist" view, expounded in different versions by Patrick Suppes, Joseph D. Sneed, Fredrick Suppe, Bas Van Fraassen, and others. But what exactly is the difference between these two ways of understanding theories? And what exactly was wrong with or lacking in the older view?
  2. In his contribution Richard Grandy argues that the proponents of the semantic view are offering not so much a new account of theories per se as a new account of the epistemology and application of theories.


Part II - Thories and Explanations

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Earman (John) - Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations: Introduction".

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