Procedural Syntax for Theory Elements
Sneed (Joseph D.)
Source: Earman (John), Ed. - Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations
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  1. In his contribution Sneed responds to critics who charge that the semantic-structuralist reconstructions of theories are inadequate because they fail to provide syntactic representations of crucial items.
  2. By providing syntactic formulations of "lawlikeness," "theoretical concepts," and "constraints," Sneed paves the way for a reconciliation of the old and new views of theories, and at the same time he opens up a new avenue of research by connecting his structuralist account with previous work on data bases.


Part II - Thories and Explanations

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Earman (John) - Inference, Explanation and Other Philosophical Frustrations: Introduction".

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