Review of James Harrington, 'Time: A Philosophical Introduction'
Torrengo (Giuliano) & Mariani (Cristian)
Source: Dialectica, 71, 4: December 2017; pp. 628-631
Paper - Abstract

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Authors’ Introduction

  1. Philosophy of time has thrived over the last decade with the publication of a variety of articles and monographs initiating and perpetuating time-related debates in metaphysics, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of metaphysics.
  2. James Harrington’s Time - A Philosophical Introduction is a comprehensive and up to date handbook dedicated to the philosophy of time. The work provides a detailed discussion of traditional problems in philosophy of time, with attention given to contemporary developments.
    |1Harrington’s book does not require or presuppose any philosophical or scientific background, and it is therefore an optimal textbook for undergraduate or masters level courses.
  3. The ten chapters are split into three sections:
    → the logic of time,
    → the epistemology of time, and
    → the physical structure of time.
  4. In this review, we will focus mainly on the parts in which metaphysics and philosophy of science, physics in particular, is discussed.

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