Revisiting the Rationality of Reincarnation-Talk
Barua (Ankur)
Source: International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 2015
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. A survey of the key arguments that have been developed for and against the rationality of belief in reincarnation1 shows that often the central dispute is not over what the ‘data’ are but how to assess the ‘data’ from specific metaphysical-hermeneutical horizons.
  2. By examining some of these arguments formulated by Hindu thinkers as well as their critiques – from the perspectives of metaphysical naturalism and Christian theology – we argue that one of the reasons why these debates remain intractable is that the ‘theory’ is underdetermined by the ‘data’, so that more than one set of the latter can be regarded as adequate explanations of the former.


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