Does Identity Really Matter? Parfit vs Lewis
Butkovic (Ana)
Source: ResearchGate, 2010
Paper - Abstract

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Author’s Abstract

  1. In this paper we are dealing with the problem of personal identity.
  2. In the introductory part we will set forth the main problems and general positions within the debate.
  3. Next, we will introduce Parfit1’s psychological approach to the criterion of personal identity, namely psychological continuity2 and connectedness3, the R-relation, as well as Lewis4’s four-dimensional account5.
  4. The purpose of the paper is to critically consider Lewis’s6 proposal concerning the problem of personal identity, namely that what matters7 in survival is both identity and R-relation.
  5. We will try to show that offered argumentation does not successfully support his attempt to preserve identity in the problem cases.

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