Holes as Regions of Spacetime
Wake (Andrew), Spencer (Joshua) & Fowler (Gregory)
Source: The Monist, Vol. 90, No. 3, Lesser Kinds (July 2007), pp. 372-378
Paper - Abstract

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Authors’ Introduction

  1. There are holey objects. In fact, many of us own and use them. Some such objects would not function properly without their holes. That they have holes is part of our explanation of how they function. One example of such an object is a colander. A colander without holes is just a bowl!
  2. Although there are holes all around us, they are commonly thought to be mysterious entities. There is no generally accepted theory of what they are.
  3. In this paper we will introduce a novel view according to which holes are regions of spacetime. We will compare our view with theories of holes discussed in "Lewis (David) & Lewis (Stephanie) - Holes" (1970) and Casati and Varzi – Holes and Other Superficialities (1994).
  4. Finally, we will argue that those who favor the Lewises' view over that of Casati and Varzi on the basis of parsimony would be better off adopting the view we propose here.

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