The Direct Experience of Our Ontological Sense of Being as Self
Bauer (Rudolph)
Source: Retrieved from, 14th August 2018
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Author’s Abstract

  1. This paper describes the self-liberating power of a person being in the transitional space of awareness. By being in the transitional space of awareness, we are able to directly experience the field of Being and to experience our embodied sense of the field of Being. We are directly able to experience our sense of self as the ongoing continuity of embodied Being.
  2. This paper explores the sources and dimensions of our lack of Being and the natural resource that brings forth our simultaneous experience of the duality of beings and our direct sense of the non-duality of Being within the duality of beings.
  3. The paper illuminates the drama of our direct knowing of Being and our knowing of the indivisible experience of the Being of phenomena.


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